Storytelling Template for Board Members

Your board members should all have a personal connection to your organization’s cause and a reason why they give their time to helping you make a difference. By sharing these personal connections, your board members have the power to tap into their network and encourage others to support a cause close to their heart.

Since asking for support can often be a stressful or uncomfortable task for board members, this storytelling template makes it easy to gather talking points they can share with their personal network work when promoting Empowering Possibilities. Take some time at your next board meeting to run through the below questions to help make your board members more comfortable with spreading the word and raising awareness for your cause!

(Tip: These responses make great stories for Empowering Possibilities Peer-to-Peer Fundraising profiles!)

How did you hear about our organization?

What made you decide to engage with our organization?

Do you know someone who is personally affected by our mission and services?

Why do you continue to support our organization?

What’s your favorite thing about our organization?

What’s one thing you wish others knew about our organization?